Established in Mali, Herou Alliance is involved in moringa production and specialized in the commercialization of moringa products for local consumption and for the distribution to end-users in regional and international exports (West & Central Africa, East & Southern Africa, Europe & the Caribbean and North and Latin America regions).


An integrated operating approach has been put in place and involves rural farmers, women and young people in the whole value chain process, from production to distribution to end-users. Herou Alliance has established a buyer-driven approach by organizing female and young smallholder farmers groups into efficient moringa leaves suppliers. The company’s effort will be materialized for the main purpose of helping eliminate poverty and malnutrition in rural areas. We believe that direct involvement at the grassroots level with moringa producers in the rural areas, effective sustainability standards for products quality and environment benefits will be assured and guaranteed. At the same time, HA will contribute to the reforestation of the ecosystem, making moringa tree plantation profitable to ensure environmental, economic and social benefits in Africa in general and in Mali in particular.


Herou Alliance seeks to engage the farmers (women and young farmers) in a social contract through the supply of moringa leaves in exchange of technical assistance which include the provision of improved seeds (higher quality seeds), training and capacity building to ensure that our investments create local jobs, improve rural communities’ livelihoods as well as greater environmental protection through sustainable environmental practices. In order to make these activities more inclusive and sustainable, partnership and collaboration with stakeholders are key for Herou Alliance in fostering and promoting innovation practices.


Create economic, social and environmental impact via the commercialization of Moringa products


Our vision is to make lives of rural people better


Our main objectif is to commercialize moringa products with an inclusive value chain involving rural women and youth in Mali


Make inclusive and sustainable the involvement of women and the youth in the value chain:

  • Creation of jobs in the Moringa sector with its induced economic effects;
  • Improvement of incomes of actor involved in the sector;
  • Improvement of the lives and livelihoods of the communities settled on the Moringa production sites


We deeply value:

  • Ethics,
  • Creativity
  • Social inclusion